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The VanSchaick-Breedlove-Weaver-Proudfoot Legacy
Family Members List Page

On this page I'll list all the family members I know about. Then I'll link the names in the list to separate "Family Member History" pages I'll create for each person.

A family tree diagram would be great on this page. If I have one available, I'll be sure to scan it in.

Privacy/Security Issues

I have included Names and Website links and Sources of the sites which gave me the Information which was so valuable in my research; this site is non-profit and for the continued Genealogical Development of My own Project and others who are connected to the Families I have listed in these pages; if you find your site listed or Biographies posted from your own sites, and you want it removed: Please contact me at and I will remove it. Nothing has been Posted here to steal it, and all are posted with sources  and links to the pages I took it from; which gives your site traffic for research means